Sunday School

  Our Sunday School is the primary teaching and discipleship arm of our church.  We have classes for every age group, with Bible lessons specifically relevant to their needs.  Our teachers are experienced and qualified, and the environment is always safe, exciting, and encouraging.  Our nine elementary classes meet on the lower level of the main church building, beginning with a central opening assembly.  Our two teen classes meet in the teen building, located to the left of the driveway as you drive onto the property.  The pastor’s adult class meets in the main auditorium on the second floor of the church building.  Two other adult classes meet in other locations on the property.  All Sunday School classes begin each Sunday morning at 10:00.  If you choose to visit a Sunday School class, you will be welcomed and made to feel right at home.  We have first-time visitors every week, so you will certainly not feel out of place.  

FORGIVEN! Radio Broadcast

Northeast Baptist Church airs the Forgiven! radio broadcast every Sunday morning at 7:00, on 800 AM WLAD.  You can leave questions or comments about the radio broadcast at External link opens in new tab or window[email protected].  Click here to listen to this past Sunday's broadcast.

Spanish Ministry

Our Spanish speaking Sunday School class meets every Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour.  It also provides various opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth throughout the week.  

Bus Ministry

We operate a bus ministry that provides people in our church the opportunity to serve the people of our city, and provides the people of our city the opportunity to attend church.


Prayer Meetings & Teams

Northeast Baptist Church has seven different groups that meet to pray during the course of the week, as well as several prayer teams that carry the burden to pray for specific needs each week.  

Sunday Dinners

At least four times every year we host a dinner to which we invite the homeless and working poor of our city.  We provide an all-you-can-eat full-course hot meal, and a bag of groceries for each household.  We also use a drawing to give away various items that can be a help to people who are struggling, such as blankets, coats, bikes, tents, clothing, etc.  This dinner is held in the downtown section of our city, in a location most convenient to people in need, and is always very well-attended.  

Reformers Unanimous

Reformers Unanimous Addiction Program is a Christ centered program that directs the addicted back to God's support group - the local church. It exists to help adults find freedom from addictive behavior. RU is a nationwide program that has over 3,000 students meeting weekly. Every Friday evening a group of adults gather here at Northeast Baptist Church and grow together in victory over addictions and life difficulties. This ministry is available for you, your loved ones, or friends. We have a complete line of curriculum and training to help with every addiction, strong hold, or stubborn habit that you may be facing.  Contact our Reformers Unanimous Director Mark Kinsman at External link opens in new tab or window[email protected].

Church Planting

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has gone throughout the world for the last 2000 years, not through a handful of very large congregations, but through the efforts of hundreds of thousands of smaller congregations.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with having a large crowd, our great burden is to initiate many more local congregations of Bible-believing Christians throughout our region.  Besides our own church, we have also established a church in the Bronx, New York, and by the grace of God, we are in the process of working to establish other churches throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley.  In addition, we have established the Dale J Bertalovitz Church Planting Fund, providing financial support to men whom God has called to start churches in the Northeastern United States.  


The Bible is clear that every believer has a responsibility to get the Gospel to the entire world.  An effective missions program provides church members with the means to fulfill that responsibility.  Our faith-promise missions program supports individual missionaries, team missionaries and national pastors throughout the world.